О чем написано в этой книге Firethorn. A lowborn orphan, Luck is destined to a life of servitude. But their unspoken love has no place in a brutal world ruled by caste and violence, and a dark future threatens from the shadows. In the chaos of the UpsideDown Days, when the highborn and the low trade places, Firethorn couples with Sire Galan, a highborn warrior. Emboldened by desire and her own restlessness, she follows fate and Galan to camp with the kings army. There she discovers the sacred firethorn tree, whose berries bring her fevered dreams, a new name-and curious talents. Firethorn has changed, but her world has not…until one chance encounter alters her destiny forever. Transformed, she emerges from her exile a young woman with powers beyond her ken. But when her mistress dies, Luck flees to the forest. Before she was Firethorn, she was Luck, named for her red hair, favored by the goddess of Chance. Living among soldiers, concubines, and wastrels, and faced with a series of tormenting challenges, Firethorn will have to rely on the enigmatic gifts Fate grants her to survive-body and soul.

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Ежедневники Bruno Visconti Ежедневник а5 primavera (серый)

Псалтирь преподобного Ефрема Сирина

Прасолов В. Рассказы о числах, многочленах и фигурах

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