Barbara Boyd AARP iPad. Tech to Connect

Barbara  Boyd AARP iPad. Tech to Connect


О чем написано в этой книге Barbara Boyd AARP iPad. Tech to Connect. AARP iPad: Tech to Connect introduces you to the world?s most popular tablet device, the iPad, and all the amazing things it has to offer. In clear, non-technical language, this book guides you through registering and setting up your iPad, getting acquainted with the multitouch interface, navigating around the screen, finding and downloading apps, reading books, listening to music, watching videos, surfing the web, and communicating with friends and family. Developed in partnership with AARP and dedicated to helping readers stay connected with friends, family, and community by providing timely and helpful advice and solutions for using tech to connect Covers the need-to-know basics like powering up your iPad, getting it registered, and navigating the multitouch interface Walks you through setting up your e-mail account, typing with the onscreen keyboard, browsing the Internet, shopping at the iTunes store, and finding your way from Point A to Point B with Maps Explores the iPad?s multimedia features like taking and sharing photos and videos, reading e-books, downloading and listening to your favorite music, watching and recording movies, playing games, and more Shows you how to expand your iPad?s functionality with apps, maintain your contacts and schedule with the calendar and contacts features, and stay on top of the latest news with Notification Center Helps you stay in touch with family and friends through FaceTime video calling, social media, texting with iMessage, and more No matter how you look at it, the iPad is one incredible device, and this book is your one-of-a kind guide to making the most of it. The world is at your fingertips with iPad!

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