Courting Trouble

Courting Trouble


О чем написано в этой книге Courting Trouble. In court, Tilly finds herself up against Jack Cassidy, the smooth-talking, politically incorrect, legal love god who broke her heart at law school. Tilly has the day from hell when shes sacked from her barristers chambers in the morning, then finds her husband in bed with her former best friend in the afternoon. She escapes to her mother, Roxy - a sassy solicitor whose outrageous take on men, work and family life is the despair of her more conventional daughter. Or will the women take on the boys… and win? Roxy comes up with a radical plan for their future - theyll set up an all-female law firm which will only champion women who have been cheated, put upon, attacked, ripped off or ruined by the men in their lives. When a case lands on the doorstep that threatens to change all their lives, Tilly finds herself dangerously close to taking the law into her own hands… Will Jacks cunning ways and expertise in emotional break and enter derail her quest for justice? Jack is fluent in three languages – English, sarcasm and flirtation… but if hes so loathsome, then why is she committing Acute Lust in the 3rd degree?

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Книги Эксмо Мамаево побоище. Русь против Орды

А. П. Панфилова Мозговые штурмы в коллективном принятии решений. Учебное пособие

Аксенова А. Рыцари и замки. 100 наклеек

А. Г. Ветошкин Инженерная защита окружающей среды от вредных выбросов

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    Тихий геноцид евреев в России - история и политика, 10. И в таком возрасте учеником.

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