A Daughters Dream

A Daughters Dream


О чем написано в этой книге A Daughters Dream. For the first time since starting her new job, Rebecca feels a sense of purpose. Having been living in Florida as a carpenter, Jacob feels more at home wielding a hammer than a backhoe. That is, until Lilly Yoder joins the class. How can she even entertain romantic thoughts of Jacob when his niece is her student? As Lily and Rebecca develop a bond, Jacob’s fondness for the pretty teacher grows, too. But when she’s given the opportunity she’s been waiting for at Charm Amish School, she’s dismayed to discover that teaching is hard work—work she’s afraid she’s not very good at. Or set out to find true happiness…and true love? Suddenly becoming Lily’s sole caregiver, Jacob Yoder never thought he’d be a single parent—or a farmer. But when a fateful accident brings them together, Rebecca and Jacob must choose between duty and desire. Rebecca Kinsinger has always dreamed of being a teacher. A thirteen-year old who’s just lost her parents, Lilly is in need of someone like Rebecca. Will they follow the path before them? In Shelley Shepard Gray’s second book in her Charmed Amish Life series, a young teacher and farmer discover they have much in common, especially when it comes to healing old wounds from the past…and finding love in one another. But when she meets Lilly’s uncle, Jacob, his good looks and sweet, easy-going temperament are hard to ignore. The only bright spot in his life is Rebecca Kinsinger.

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