О чем написано в этой книге Edenborn. Someone - or something - is moving against them, even as Black Ep, the plague that claimed billions of lives, returns in search of new victims. However an ideological split has divided them into two very different societies: one looks to resurrect the human race, the other to improve humanity via genetic manipulation. The survivors must work together, but to save the future Halloween must first let go of the past... A bitter and disillusioned Halloween has chosen to exile himself but his peers seek to repopulate the Earth and rebuild civilization. Thrilling, post-apocalyptic yet written with an arcing sense of wonder, EDENBORN is the next visionary chapter in the Idlewild story by one of speculative fictions most exciting new voices. They are mankinds last, best and perhaps only hope. So a new generation of children is born, but as they mature it becomes clear that all is not well. It is 18 years after IDLEWILD and the survivors are now adults.

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Феданова Ю., Яшина А., Аханова Н. и др. (ред.) Знаменитые путешественники и Мировая история

Нурбахш Дж. Путь. Духовная практика суфизма

Епископ Петр (Екатериновский) Указание пути ко спасению

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