Dana Erik Fantastic Fables. Book 3

Dana Erik Fantastic Fables. Book 3


О чем написано в этой книге Dana Erik Fantastic Fables. Book 3. But most importantly, they make you look inside yourself and ask: and who are you in this world?! In them, you begin to live side by side with the heroes, hover together on the clouds, and then to descend into the abyss. The fantastic fables of Dana Eric impress through their simplicity and their laconic nature based on child-like spontaneity. But at the same time, the reader can perceive the depth of the experience and meaningfulness of the author herself. The artist, Aiperi

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  • alexei_ziryanov

    Местами они были вдавлены от попаданий снарядов. Даже обычная состоит из классов начальных, а потом уже и старших.

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