Peter Nash Effective Product Control. Controlling for Trading Desks

Peter  Nash Effective Product Control. Controlling for Trading Desks


О чем написано в этой книге Peter Nash Effective Product Control. Controlling for Trading Desks. Encompassing both a technical skills primer and key insights into core controls used to mit­igate major risks emanating from trading desks, you will get expert advice on practical topics such as: The key IFRS and U.S. Improve the Effectiveness of your Product Control Function Effective Product Control is a detailed how-to guide covering everything you need to know about the function. GAAP accounting standards for a trading desk How to approach the pricing of a financial instrument Market risk and how is it quantified The controls necessary for a trading desk Rogue trading and how it can be detected Valuation adjustments and why they are necessary How the prices used to value a trading portfolio are independently verified The financial accounting entries used to record financial instruments in the balance sheet and profit & loss statement Financial reporting and how the results of a trading desk are presented How a new financial product can be introduced in a controlled manner Complete with a wealth of insightful graphs, illustrations and real-world examples to enliven the covered material, the dependable answers you need are in Effective Product Control. Considered essential reading for: New controllers entering the profession Auditors and regulators reviewing product control Established controllers wanting a refresher on the latest skills and core controls within the industry.

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